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Are you getting ready to move into your new home and looking for a top notch moving company in Wiesbaden?

In Wiesbaden, around 30% of its residents live in old buildings. While aesthetically pleasing these buildings pose difficult challenges, such as narrow staircases, during your move.

Don’t worry, Mr. Perfect Services, your moving company in Wiesbaden, is well acquainted with these challenges. Since we started, we have had the pleasure of serving hundreds of military families within the German Military Communities.

So our professional movers handle your (heavy) belongings and create a perfect moving experience. From planning to execution, we support you throughout every step of your move.

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3 benefits of our moving company Wiesbaden

Accepted VAT-Forms

Benefit 1: Our moving company in Wiesbaden understand that moving comes with associated costs. Therefore, to help alleviate these expenses for you, we gladly accept VAT forms. For this purpose just present your VAT form and enjoy a 19% savings.

Safety & Security

Benefit 2: At our company, we prioritize the safety and security of your belongings. Therefore we have the necessary equipment and experience to ensure the safe transportation of your items.

We can also provide tailored services to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Short-term moves

Benefit 3: Did your moving helper disappoint you? Or did you underestimate the stress and effort of the moving process?

Don’t worry, we guarantee a perfect house move from quote to moving day in just a few days. Hence last-minute moves are also possible.

Moving help – our wide range of services

Whether it’s your entire household or specific items, ensuring the professional handling of your belongings is our priority. To ensure the best moving experience possible, we offer extensive range of services.

Additionally these services can be flexible tailored to your needs. So the variety of services can be added to or removed from your moving plan easily. Discover the different services of our moving company wiesbaden below:

Moving Process with mr. perfect services

The entire moving process with our professional moving help includes 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Contact us
  • Step 2: Virtual meeting & consultation
  • Step 3: Preparation of your free & non-binding estimate. This includes also possible adjustments
  • Step 4: Confirmation & execution of the move

Do you need more information about the moving process? So here you can find more detailed information on the 4 steps of our moving process.

5 reasons for professional movers


Reason 1: People often underestimate the time needed to plan and execute a move. In contrast for professional movers, handling moves is routine, so we specialize in fast and efficient moving help.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to take time off, enabling you to focus on other tasks.

Safety Transport

Reason 2: A safe transport of your belongings are the top priorities of movers. This is why a professional company have the right equipment and the necessary know-how to carry bulky items, such as a couch.

The know-how is especially crucial when dealing with e.g. narrow staircases. So professional movers can help you avoid costly mistakes, such as damaging your furniture.

Saves nerves and risks

Reason 3: Driving a van demands experience to avoid unintended consequences. Thus you need experience for safely handling a fully loaded van to prevent damage.

Therefore lack of these skills is a compelling reason to hire a removal company.

Full insurance

Reason 4: Professional moving help provide insurance to cover any potential damage or loss of your items. Therefore in the unfortunate event of breakage, they take full responsibility.

Thus your moving goods are fully secured, so you can relax completely.

No risk of injury

Reason 5: Do you know how to carry moving goods without hurting your back? Moving heavy items can be physically demanding and can lead to injury. Such injuries usually result from a lack of experience.

So by hiring movers, you can avoid the heavy lifting and let the professionals handle it.


If you’re considering moving with professional movers but concerned about your budget, no problem. Just check out our 5 cost-cutting tips for a moving company.

Locations of our moving company in Wiesbaden & suburbs

We’re the reliable moving company in Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Darmstadt and more.

Alzey / Bad Kreuznach / Biebrich

Bingen am Rhein / Erbenheim

Bierstadt / Eltville am Rhein

Naurod / Schierstein

Wiesbaden / Mannheim / Mainz

Frankfurt am Main / Darmstadt

... and much more

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Your trusted moving help

Shortly get a firsthand look at the feedback provided by others regarding our professional movers:

Mr. Perfect-Services completed our resent Full House Moving. Ambrose and his team did great job. Fast and easy communication. Arrived on time. The team worked very organised. Packed everything and carried with care. Everything was delivered undamaged, even they had to do two courses. No walls or floors were damaged during the move. Highly recommend them and would definitely hire them again if I need their services.

Sonya Wuepper

These guys were awesome! Great job, good price, easy to work with, punctual, no problems. We hired them for a local move and PCS cleaning, both were great. Highly recommended.

Ben Lambert

I recently made a move within Germany and am so glad that I used Mr. Perfect. He was the quickest moving company to respond, and had the most competitive price. Plus, when moving day came he and his colleagues were FAST – they packed my belongings up quickly and carefully and got them delivered in record time. I highly recommend this service to everyone.

Mittler Pfalz

Are you looking for additional testimonials? If so, then explore more reviews on our website or read customer feedback on Facebook.


Discover informational FAQs regarding a perfect move with our moving company in Wiesbaden below. Do you need more FAQs in detail, check out our FAQ page.

Are the estimates of your moving company in wiesbaden binding?

It is important to us that you make a conscious decision. That’s why our estimates are completely free and non-binding.

Our flexible booking system enables you to tailor your estimate to your needs. Thus you can also make adjustments as necessary.

Are you moving only in Wiesbaden or also in other towns?

Our professional moving helps handle moves in Wiesbaden and the surrounding areas. The surrounding areas include cities such as Darmstadt or Mainz, as well as Mannheim. Moreover, our primary location is Kaiserslautern and suburbs.

Does your moving company in Wiesbaden offer moving to storage?

Our professional team can also move your goods to storage. Therefore simply enter the storage address as the move-in address to initiate the moving process.

Who is liable for transport damage during a move with your moving company in Wiesbaden?

Your moving goods are fully insured when moving with our professional movers. For this reason, our company is liable for transport damage.

Does your moving company in Wiesbaden provide on-base moves, or is it exclusively off-base?

Our moving help offers both: on-base and off-base moves. Making on-base moves convenient — just sign us therefore in at the entrance and the move get started.

Can your moving company in Wiesbaden set up a no stopping zone?

Our moving company in Wiesbaden is happy to arrange a no-parking zone for you. Therefore just inform your personal consultant in advance, as the application process may take several days.

But please note that this additional service comes with associated costs.

Is it necessary to cater for your moving company in Wiesbaden?

Our moving helpers like to cater for themselves and therefore bring their own food and drink. But feel free to contribute some drinks and snacks, if you’d like.

What should you bear in mind when moving with pets with our moving company in Wiesbaden?

Moving house is always associated with considerable stress for animals. Ideally, you should put your pet in a transport box before our professional movers arrive. This prevents injuries and speeds up your move.

Are there any exceptions for things that your moving company in Wiesbaden move?

Here are an excerpt of our exceptions:

  • valuables like Cash & Checkbooks or Personal Documents (e.g. birth certs)
  • electronic devices: Laptops, Tablets & Cell Phones
  • Guns & Ammunition
  • Swords & Katanas
  • Perishable Foods like Ice cream
  • Chemicals and flammables like Batteries With Acid


Ready for your perfect move with our movers?

The goal of our moving company in Wiesbaden is to ensure an exceptional move for you. Hence you can rely on us for all your moving requirements. For a stress-free move we’ll create a customized moving plan for you.

This plan not only addresses your specific needs but also provides competitive pricing for our range of moving services.

Click now for a smooth move with our professional movers.

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